Recently, the U.S. Administration has begun the process of implementation of increased and additional duties for various imported goods. This situation has resulted in a substantial increase in our outlay of duties on behalf of our clients. After careful deliberation, we feel that all of our clients should consider opening their own ACH accounts directly with U.S. Customs. Please find linked information regarding this process below. ACH direct debit allows clients to maintain a direct line of credit with U.S. Customs and coupled with PMS (Periodic Monthly Statements) this will grant terms of up to 45 days for actual payment. The specific length of time is determined by the filing date of the individual entries.
You now have the option to pay entry duties and taxes directly by mean of your own ACH account. Alternatively, Westar will continue to outlay duties on your behalf. For any duties outlaid by Westar on behalf of our clients a disbursement fee of 2% (minimum $25.00) will be assessed on the total duties and taxes due. Our normal terms will continue to be applied to our invoices,  with any invoices including an actual duty and tax total (paid by Westar)  of greater than $1,000 due upon receipt. We will continue our current interest and collection procedures for overdue amounts.
The effective date for the disbursement fee will be January 01, 2019. Any Customs transactions processed on or after this effective date will have this disbursement fee applied unless ACH direct debit has been setup for an individual client.
Please find below linked information on ACH and PMS. And again, please contact our team to discuss the benefits associated with each.
We fully understand that this is a change in process for our clients and we are here to help. Any questions or requests for information can be directed to any member of the Westar team. That team member will be happy to help answer question and direct our clients in the process of setting up ACH direct debit.