March 24, 2020     Please note that this page will be updated regularly  

If your company is affected by new Federal or State shut down directives and currently unable to receive cargo,
please contact us immediately so that arrangements can be made. 

 Storage charges for LCL cargo shipments arriving in our Pittsburgh consolidation service are as follows:

* *48 hours free. 
* *$12 per pallet min.
* *$2 per pallet per day

For Full Container Loads (FCL), free time for a standard container (typically 5 days as per carrier) will apply. Check with us if you need more details
If requested, we can arrange for the container to be unloaded at a warehouse and the cargo be stored for later delivery.
A Westar admin fee plus the applicable ocean carrier demurrage charges as per tariff will apply. 

Airfreight storage charges may vary depending on airport of arrival.  Storage charges depend on facility and can be provided as per request.

If you have any questions regarding your cargo and storage charges, please let your Westar representative know ASAP.

See our TEAM page for direct dial / email information