Philadelphia CBP Discovers 3 First In Port Pests
Officials say that agriculture specialists recently discovered three new pests in the Philadelphia area. More…

Tianjin Explosions Will Hike Insurance Rates
The explosions that rocked the Chinese port of Tianjin in mid-August will likely result in higher property insurance rates thanks to the losses that amount to billions of dollars.The explosions August 12 at a warehouse filled with toxic waste damaged a substantial area of the port and surrounding residential areas and resulted in over 100 deaths. The event highlights the growing risks present in industrialized areas, according to experts. More…

Stability Issues Impact Nearshoring Destination Choices

Eastern Europe is a Big Winner for Europe-Bound Shipments, Research Indicates
Manufacturing executives around the world continue to consider nearshoring—moving production from a far-off overseas location to a closer site—but there is evidence that the trend is slowing, according to research released by Alix Partners.More…

European Exports Increase During First Half of 2015
Euro Area and EU Goods Trade is in Surplus
Between January and June 2015, euro area exports of goods to the rest of the world rose to $1.13 trillion, an increase of six percent compared with the same period in 2014, according to figures released by EUROSTAT, the European Union’s statistics bureau, Imports rose to $1.0 trillion, an increase of three percent compared with the first six months of last year, resulting in a trade surplus during the first half of $130 billion compared with $85.9 billion in January to June 2014.