Draymen face chassis shortage in NY, NJ

The Port of New York and New Jersey is being severely impacted by a shortage of chassis needed to deliver and pick up containers at marine terminals, according to drayage companies and forwarders/custom house brokers. “There are no chassis available in the Port of New York,” said Jeff Bader, the president of Golden Carriers and president of the Association of Bi-State Motor Carriers.

The USDA animal product manual / guidelines have been recently revised.
The changes are indirectly causing a lot of USDA holds at the ports of discharge because of the updated regulations and requirements. This increase in USDA holds may continue for some time as the revisions change and the USDA officers get used to what they are looking for under the new guidelines. Unfortunately, this has had some impact on our consolidation container service but we are working with USDA on getting back to our regular schedule.

North Atlantic storms
Twenty three (23) significant storms made the North Atlantic an even more inhospitable area this past(?) winter. Even the largest container vessels had to slow down for heavy seas. Delays were the norm not the exception. Let’s hope for some calm seas before the summer hurricane season starts.